HPV YouTube Videos

A library of some of the best HPV videos that providers and practices can embed in their web site, send out through links, use in social media, or even show patients and parents in the office.

*NOTE:One BIG Caution: Given the way YouTube pages work, with every video page featuring multiple links to other, “related” videos, simply sending parents or kids to YouTube to watch these videos can be problematic. Many links inevitably appear to anti-vaccine videos that features hoaxes, conspiracy theories, and all sorts of rampant, offensive pieces of misinformation and outright lies. If patients click on any of those videos, or even just see the sensational headlines (“HPV Gardasil Vaccine Proves Lethal - 47 Girls Now Dead!), sending them to these pages could have the unintended, and obviously troubling, effect of scaring them away from the vaccine. And that’s not even considering the loads of anti-vaccine comments and fantasies that show up in the comments for the positive videos.

Best advice: if you’re going to use these videos, embed them in your own site, or show them to parents in the office, so you can better control the message and your patients’ potential exposure to bad information.

HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention (30 sec) | CDC

For Parents/Kids: 30-second, commercial-length testimonial

HPV and the HPV Vaccine, Video 1 | Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

For Parents: Dr. Paul Offit talks about timing, importance, and safety of vaccine for boys and girls

HPV and the HPV Vaccine, Video 2: A Father’s Perspective | CHOP

For Parents: A Father talks about his decision to get vaccine for his daughter


HPV and the HPV Vaccine, Video 2: Patrice and Cameron’s Story | CHOP

For Parents: A Mother talks about her decision to get vaccine for her son


HPV and the HPV Vaccine, Video 3: Kim and Her Family | CHOP

For Parents: A Mother talks about choosing the HPV vaccine for her children


A Message from Dr. Todd Wolynn About the HPV Vaccine | Kids Plus Pediatrics

For Parents: Pittsburgh Doc talks about importance and benefits of the vaccine


HPV Vaccine for Girls | Toronto Public Health

For Kids/Parents: Animated, accessible straight-talk about HPV and the benefits of the vaccine


Parental Perceptions are Preventing HPV Vaccination Success | Mayo Clinic

For Providers/Parents: Mayo Clinic Doc talks about the effectiveness of the vaccine


The HPV Vaccine, and Why Your Kids Should Get It | Healthcare Triage

For Parents: Well-crafted, straight-talk video with Doc debunking myths and stressing vaccine


Boys, Young Men Should Get HPV Vaccine, CDC Panel Says | PBS NewsHour

For Parents: Good summary report, dated when recommendation made for boys


Gardasil HPV Vaccine Commercial | Merck via SciencePleaseTV

For Girls: 60-Second ad with young women talking about “the power to choose” the vaccine


Cervical Health Awareness | Merck

For Parents/Kids: Focus on HPV and cervical cancer prevention